Your Guide to the Cowman Duathlon

The run route is on mixed terrain to ensure you don’t get too bored, firstly running around the country park, apart from a short spell on compacted grass, the remainder is on the road. After 1.5k you will be faced with a short off road, again on compacted grass, but also includes a steady incline up-to the highest part of the course, the remainder of the route has the benefit of being downhill fast and on tracks and roads. Tip for this course is to take the first run within yourself, still hurting, but not quite flat out…keep an eye out for the athletes you know, keep them in sight but make sure you contain that effort.

As you arrive back in transition (of course you have already planned your route through to bike exit and return) make sure that helmet is fastened, grab your bike and keep those athletes you aim to beat in your sight. So many people these days make a mess of getting on the bike, the mount line does not mean you have to mount right on it!! Get yourself away from the people around you, keep moving forward, gain some speed then jump on your bike. Please make sure you have trained yourself for this, it’s so important that its done under control, do not panic or you could see the end of your race.

Now the first part of the bike is always painful, use low gears and spin that lactic out of your legs. The course at Emberton has a small climb after 1K so this will test your fitness levels and confidence and hopefully you’re feeling good. The rest of the route is typical Buckinghamshire and Nortants rolling roads, a mix of quiet country lanes and fast and furious minor A roads.

Most of us Duathletes will struggle at the start of the ride you have to persuade your legs to do this, don’t think this is how it is going to be just focus on getting the bike done…the pain will go I promise.
When on your bike and moving well now is the time to keep hydrated, and any gels or food you have can now be consumed. Please remember that littering is an instant ban so please keep that rubbish with you or check ok to leave with the nearest marshal.

Ok let’s assume all-going well, and you are nearing the end of your bike leg, start to plan your journey into transition, last hydration and start to spin those legs in a nice low gear; also check your shoes are ready for that swift exit.

Right we have racked our bikes, then removed the helmet, shoes on properly (don’t rush, nothing worse than shoes on incorrect) and you’re off. I can promise you that the transition from bike to run only comes with experience, if you don’t train for it you will never do well on this second run, so please practise that bike to run element.  Again, remember that the pain is the same for everyone, you have to somehow manage that pain and pull out a great performance, beating all the athletes you had targeted, if you did not, don’t get disheartened, just train harder and practise.

Sounds great right? Fancy making the Cowman Duathlon your challenge? Then enter today and get that all important training in.

We can’t wait to see you on 20th October at the Emberton Park.

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