We asked our Big Cow Community a simple question! You know your a runner when…

You didn’t let us down, and we think these are all things that most runners can related to.

Many mentioned how running affects your wardrobe, including Vinne Peters, who said “You look for L & R on your normal socks..” Heather Bond and Stephanie Peters, pointed out how trainers and running shoes take up a lot of wardrobe space in this apparently low cost sport! David Lewis knows the “extra” way to use a Buff? (Anyone else know?!)

Lisa Marie Morris has more medals than jewellery, but this is a good thing surely!

Some mentioned the extra mile you go in training, including Jennifer Sangster who stated “You get up at 4am to squeeze some more miles in before work” and Dan Lee who spends his rest days planning his routes.

There is then a runners tendency to round up! I mean who wants to run 4.95 miles! This was confirmed by Helen Wiggins who runs around car parks when she has misjudged a run from her training plan.

We had several responses proving that runners love a good moan! Laurel Wright pointed out that you complain about running, early mornings and long runs, but still do it. Sarah Mills and Georgina Andrews pointed out how jealous we get when we see others running, especially when you are out injured.

A few pointed out the ugly side of running including Georgina Lawrence who points out black toenails, Rebecca

Measures Amos, who says you know you are a runner when you have lost a toenail and Ruth Price who says you think nothing of it when you blow your nose on your running top! Nice!

Quite a few pointed out how running makes you think differently including Stuart Feenan who said “You measure every distance not in miles or KM but can I run it non stop in one day?” Marco Di Mauro who thinks pace and not speed. Presumably Marco drives at 1.17 minute miles rather than 70 mph on the motorway. Claire Mosson gets frustrated when stuck in traffic realising that she could run to her destination quicker!

Lisa Mari knows that it is exactly one mile from home to the BP garage, which should come in handy when you need a snack!

Nicola Billington gets excited about a parkrun rather than a lay-in and lottery Gates has a car full of plastic bottles!

Finally running causes Ben Kennedy-Weeks many problems, including having no clothes other than running gear, too many races booked, a sore knee. ankle and no room on his medal rack! Real runners problems Ben.

Did we miss any? Let us know.

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