Top Winter Half Tips from people who have completed it before!

Taking on your first half marathon? We have got some great race day tips from our social media followers who have completed the event.

Read on for tips on preparation, kit, pace and fuel!


Sue Flynn – Winter half was my 1st half last year I didn’t know how it was gonna go I got really nervous but was so happy to get to the finish line in 2:19

Bob Fuller My advice would be, enjoy every minute and don’t forget to collect your medal at the end… Winter half was my 1st in 2016… 2019 will be my 50th !

Matthew Dickerson If at 10 miles you feel in pieces and like what on earth you are doing please remember that will turn into the best feeling ever at 13 miles. Whatever your legs are like it will be 100% smiles and a brilliant achievement in the bag

Sarah Lee Don’t panic, wrap up warm and just take it easy – don’t start off too fast and remember you can take layers off. Always have a jumper of hoodie, and a pair of joggers to keep you warm before and after. And if you do encounter any problems on route don’t be afraid to ask for help


Caroline Edwards Always dress to run in weather 10 degrees warmer than it currently is

Laurel Wright Bring a total change of clothes in a bag to drop. Pants socks everything. I’ve definitely needed it before. Also go to a charity shop and buy a cheap jumper to wear at the start line and dump there at the start. Lots of hanging about will just get you v cold v quickly!

Lindsay Shenton Buy a coat or several jumpers from a charity shop to wear after bag drop before the start. It will get collected and taken back to a charity shop and way better for the environment than a bin liner. Remember to run your own race. And smile and pose for photographers!!!

Paul Smith Best kit advice from last year is to wrap up warm once you have finished. Your body temperature will drop pretty damn quick when you stop, and it can be quite nippy in the breeze at Willen!

Ruth Gray A dry change of clothes at the end. Having clothes damp from sweat or rain can make you feel cold very quickly. Getting something dry against the skin feels amazing.

Lindsay O’Kane Don’t overdress, get used to what you are wearing in your training runs. The buzz and excitement of the day always warms you up…. but make sure you can get to a warm jumper soon after you finish.

Mike Harvey Make sure your pace is what you have planned for! And enjoy!

Andy Ford Get those inside of thighs greased with Vaseline & don’t wear pants the edges rub like hell !

Steve Jenkins Kit : nipple plasters ..

Matthew Letts Shorts, technical t-shirt, socks trainers and undewear. That is all.

Viv Black Layer up! Don’t forget to test your kit out before the big day.


Ivan Mostyn-Scott 13 miles is a long way. Do it in bits like the first 3 miles as a slow park run then a little quicker for the next three and think you’re halfway as by 12 you’ll have got it sorted. 9 and 10 can be hard but by then you’re closing in for the finish and a shiny medal with just a park run to nail it. Good luck everyone – not many people can do’re special.

Shaun Furzer Steady pace. You’ve done all the work already, this is just you doing what you have done before. Keep calm, enjoy it!

Stephen Buck Take it very easy through the first 3-4 miles…your legs will.thank you at mile 11/12/13

Terry Stephens Don’t get too caught up in the excitement and set off to fast. Stick to your training plan and smile through the miles

Jamie Horsman I echo other comments, take the first 2 or 3 miles really easy, give your legs the best chance in miles 11, 12 & 13!


Darren Quigley You dont need to bring drinks of any kind or a buffet, a gel per 30 mins after the first hour would be enough 

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