Two Blondes Take on the Triathlon

Over the next few months we will be following the trials and tribulations of Hannah and Kathryn who are training for the Stowe  Spring Triathlon….

So, it all started over several Friday night drinks (never thought it would be mentioned again) a decision was made to compete in our first sprint triathlon (what were we thinking?!)

As keen gym goers and having spent the last year cycling home from work together (into the deep Buckinghamshire countryside) we thought this was the next challenge, and we mean CHALLENGE.

So let’s talk about training. Whilst the May spring triathlon was originally in our sights we soon realised that we had been a bit ambitious and September seemed like the month for us (surely the water is warmer then too?) Swimming is undoubtedly our biggest hurdle here, with zero experience in the open water (paddling on holiday aside) we know it’s going to be a shock to the system and will require the most training. With that said, under the tutorship of our esteemed colleague (and triathlon pro) we are going to set about dipping our toe (and the rest of our bodies) in the open waters of Box End (where even is that?)

With images of Atlantic scale waters ahead of us we have spoken to one of the event organisers @Gold Swan Events who have reassured us that it is a 2 lap swim we should never be far from the edge. They also assured us that there will be professional kayak marshals on the lake and plenty of them too (although we won’t have our own dedicated marshal unfortunately)….

So with this in mind, the wetsuits are on order (thanks our sponsor SDRB joinery @sdrbjoinery) and the bikes are in for service, follow our training journey and trials and tribulations @bigcow_events and @goldswan_events

See you at the finish line, H & K
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