Getting Started with Duathlon

Getting Started with Duathlon

Duathlons are typically running and cycling events. Standard duathlons are usually 3 legs, much like triathlons and are usually structured, 1st leg running, 2nd leg cycling and 3rd and final leg running again.

In-between each leg is a transition, which is basically just an area where you will change from one leg to another During a duathlon the first transition will be run, to bike, this may involve changing footwear and grabbing your helmet and bike. The second transition you will return your bike and helmet and put your running shoes back on.


Transition can sound scary, but as long as you listen to the race brief and follow instructions from people on the course about when you must dismount from your bike or mount your bike after the transition then it will be quite easy.


Most duathlons are done using road bikes, although not all. For example, we have a trail duathlon which you can use a mountain bike (or even cyclocross bike). The fundamentals are the same but it’s a little bit more off-road.


We love the trail duathlon as most people have a mountain bike so it reduces barriers to people who do not have a road bike. 


The other good thing about the trial duathlon is that we have introduced a “Taster” trail for people looking to try duathlon for the very first time. The taster is 2.5k run, 4.2k bile and a final leg of 2.5k run. There are also options for relays, meaning a different person will complete each discipline.


Standard duathlons like our Cowman Duathlon also usually have different distance options. The shortest distance is usually called a sprint (although that doesn’t mean you have too!) and our cow-themed sprint is called the “stampede” and includes a run leg of 5k (3 miles) followed by a bike leg of 20k or just over 12 miles and a final run leg of 5k.


Again, you can take on the Stampede as a relay with different people taking on the different legs.


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