Here at Big Cow Events, we believe in supporting our local communities through the work of our Charity Partner—The NSPCC. They are protecting children in immediate danger. Every ten minutes someone contacts NSPCC to report child abuse or to get advice about a child’s safety.

For 20 years colleagues at Resultsbase/Big Cow Events have been involved in the iconic NSPCC MK Half Marathon (and 10k). We have actively supported as a company for the last 12 years and have enjoyed every race. Originally founded and organised by the MK NSPCC volunteer committee, The NSPCC MK Half Marathon underwent a few changes in it’s 20th year in 2018. We are happy to share that the race continues now as The MK Autumn Run .

Over the last 20yrs the race has raised over £600k for NSPCC. An incredible amount which supports the NSPCC Schools Service, Speak out. Stay safe programme helping children to understand the types of abuse and how to protect themselves. This will be the 21st year of this great event and we will continue to raise funds along with your support.

Want to know more about Speak out. Stay safe? 

In addition to the MK Autumn Run, we are proud to share that we will also be helping to raise funds through our Cowman Triathlon and the MK Winter Half Marathon
There are lots of other ways to support the charity. Pop across to their website and find out more

NSPCC always welcome new volunteers who wish to give as much or as little of their time to support, whatever you are able or willing to do.

If you would like to get involved or want to have a chat about how you can help in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas , please contact: Jacqui Venters—NSPCC Fundraising Manager at , or call— 07590 444866

Why support NSPCC?
Abuse ruins childhood, but it can be prevented. That’s why we’re here. That’s what drives all our work, and that’s why – as long as there’s abuse – we will fight for every childhood. We help children rebuild their lives, and we find ways to prevent abuse from ruining any more. So when a child needs a helping hand, we’ll be there. When parents are finding it tough, we’ll help. When laws need to change, or governments need to do more, we won’t give up until things improve. And they will improve, because we can all play a part in the fight for every childhood. Big or small – through supporting our work, or simply believing, respecting and listening to children – there’s something each of us can do to make things better for children. Abuse changes childhood. But so can we!

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